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Hello and a very warm welcome back to HuwsNursery. Now if someone came up to me and asked me what's one plant that I'm not growing enough of then easily my answer would be comfrey. And in today's artikel I want to look at comfrey and how powerful and useful is for growing food especially if we're following permaculture principles.

So just before I get into speaking about comfrey I just want to give you guys a heads up about the Permaculture Magazine. Now my father and I have been subscribers for quite a few years now and this is just through my passion of the magazine and I really think if you are interested in sustainable living

and permaculture then you should definitely take a look at this magazine and I actually have an article coming out in the next edition which is really exciting. So they ship worldwide if you do subscribe you can access over 80 previous issues which is really good. And it's such a wealth of fantastic information. Anyway, there are details down below in the artikel description if you're interested.

We have clusters of comfrey all around the smallholding and comfrey prefers to grow in full sun to partial shade and it's a perennial herb and the main quality about comfrey is its taproot and its toproot can sometimes reach up to 10 feet deep. So comfrey is what's known as a dynamic accumulator which means it mines minerals and nutrients from the ground and draws it up to its leaves

and the leaves are actually so full in macro and micronutrients for example is really high in nitrogen with a carbon to nitrogen ratio of around 10 to 1 in wilted leaves. Also it's really high in potassium and phosphorus so this means comfrey can make an ideal plant fertilizer or a compost which will help aid vegetables and fruits to grow, flower and also fruit well. You can think of the taproot almost like