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Number two is the Venda Cycad. The encephalartos hirsutus or Venda Cycad is a plant species native to South Africa. Found at altitudes ranging from 1,287 to 1,609 kilometers above sea level, these fern like plants were last spotted in 2004 by helicopter surveyors who reported only finding around 219 plants, well below the 400 to 500 that were estimated to be in existence.

However, in 2006, ground rangers from the Limpopo Provincial Government failed to locate a single Venda Cycad, drawing questions as to what happened to them or if they're even still around. The Venda Cycad is classified as a critically endangered plant species and many believe it's already extinct, claiming other variations found are either man made or of different Cycad subspecies.

Man, these things are rare, kind of like the baldus santororis. One of a kind; pray for me. And number one is the Wood's Cycad. The encaphalartos woodii, also known as the Wood's Cycad, is the rarest plant on the planet that we know of. Unique to the forests of South Africa, these species are actually extinct in nature, only existing in man made facilities and cloned in order to reproduce.

First discovered in 1895, the Wood's Cycad is a palm tree that can reach as high as six meters. Its trunk has a diameter of 30 to 50 centimeters and it's topped with dark green leaves. Due to the fact that the Wood's Cycad is diecious, meaning it requires both male and female plants to form a new one and a female plant has never been found in the wild, this plant only exists in protected gardens.

Only one naturally occurring male version of the species exists and was relocated to save the plant true extinction. Wait, one of these things needs a male and a female partner? (laughing) These plants be getting freaky. So those are the 10 rarest exotic plants on Earth. If you guys enjoyed this, remember to give it a big thumbs up.