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Technology will never cease to amaze. Robots have been in existence for quite a long time until I thought that was the epitome of inventions and innovations. I thought wrong. VR and AR are quite an amusement to many. I always play games that fully immerse me into the digital environment. Augmented reality is a way to connect your physical and digital environment by adding some elements to your digital world.

There is a very interactive AR site that has many related projects that will ignite your imagination and spice your creativity. Catchar has been on the lookout to help AR experts share and explore other works adding on to their capabilities. They also market their skill set to their probable customers and relevant investors.

 You may Share and promote Augmented Reality lenses, apps, and projects with this company in simple steps. First of all, you need to give a short description of your project, the category, a brief report on how it works, the links of the project on play store, App store, and the web and finally a screenshot showing how it looks.

From the categories there are on the site, we have lenses and masks, editors, entertainment and games. Some of the featured projects are the IKEA place, Ottifox, Complete Anatomy 2019 and my very hungry caterpillar. The IKEA place app that you may find from the Apple store will help you estimate the size of equipment like furniture in your room and also the best place to locate via AR.

Ottifox is a design app that helps a student and other designers that are familiar with Photoshop to create quick simulations of AR and VR that can run on browsers. They can use it without writing long lines of code.

Do not forget to Share and promote your Augmented Reality lenses, apps, and projects.