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royal zahidi dates price, mazafati dates benefits, zahidi dates review The Date palm is an sophisticated and historically significant tree. We deliver and export Mazafati Date (Bam Date ) with the finest great high quality and competitive expense. چل بھئی پھر اب احرام باندھ لے ۔ اپنے کپڑے اتار کر دو چادریں باندھ لے ۔ (عمرہ کی نیت کر لے ) ۔ بندہ کہے …. لبیک اللہم لبیک …. Trading is a identified organization in the field of Iran S dates and dry fruits export. And maybe even through the early Islamic period 700's A.D. - it was only the couple of that could afford to pay the Zakat tax due to the intense levels of wealth that one particular required to have accumulated in order to have been eligible to pay Zakat (in the sense of tax).

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