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DHEA is among the latest topics in the fertility world at this time. DHEA is among the most abundant steroid hormones in the body. If you have more DHEA within the body, you'll have more testosterone within the body. There's no logical reason DHEA isn't regulated as a drug as with other sex hormones. Unlike DHA, DHEA isn't to be used if pregnant and ought to be discontinued whenever a positive pregnancy test is reached. Therefore, a low DHEA is normal in people who have a thyroid condition, even though the very low DHEA itself usually isn't accountable for the evolution of a thyroid or autoimmune thyroid condition. DHEA can be raised naturally in certain conditions. DHEA can likewise be effective against osteoporosis. DHEA is in a category of steroid hormones called androgens. Moreover, DHEA has not yet been tested or popular over a very long time period, therefore it isn't clear what the long-term effects may be. In reality, in many places on the planet, you cannot get DHEA or pregnenolone as it is not even legal.