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property in cyprus for sale cheap, property for rent in larnaca, property for sale in larnaca by owners If you have always dreamed of owning a tiny piece of Cyprus property for sale then take a very good took at cheap Cyprus apartments in Larnaca, you will be pretty taken aback at the low-priced prices on offer at this moment in time. Seated on the very first floor of a modern, beautifully designed structure in the town of Limassol, the city centre properties for sale in Cyprus consist of two bedrooms, 1 main bathroom, an en-suite bathroom in the master bedroom, an open program kitchen with the living room and dining room, storage space and private parking space. The component of town named Old City” is a gorgeous community of shops, and effectively as workshops, of lots of skilled craftsmen. Rates for a simple 1 bed maisonette or apartment in Limassol is normally 400 per month, a furnished 2 bed 700-800 and a smart, stylish 2 bed on the beach (Limassol Seafront) can be something from 1,600 upwards.

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