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With e-commerce and retail shopping on the boom, organisations related with the shopping industry are putting up more emphasis on making sales through discounts and flash sales. Singles day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and many other shopping days are designed to give a boost to the sales. These cash raking days have become a spinal cord of every industry, and every organisation is seen offering coupon codes, voucher codes and discount codes so that maximum people can be benefited from the sales. It wasn't long ago when there were coupon code books offered by various brands, but as the coupon industry is raking in more competition and ROI for every business, this trend of voucher codes is on the rise and sniffing this competition, several startups are formulated just to cater the coupon industry. Now that discounts have become a necessity for every industry and organisations are more inclined towards offering promo codes, here are the top seven reasons why discount codes are essential for every business.

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