Pengembangan Media Pembelajaran Berbasis Android Untuk Mata Pelajaran Simulasi Digital Materi Pokok Perangkat Lunak Pengolah Aangka di Kelas X UPW 1 SMK Negeri 3 Samarinda Tahun Ajaran 2017/2018

Hetin Tandi Arru, Arif Harjanto


This study is based on the lack of use of android-based learning media that impact on the way some schools view in responding to smartphone usage by students, the school considered that the use of smartphones in the school environment can negatively impact the learning process so prohibit the use of smartphones by students in the school environment. The results showed that: (1) Android-based learning media for digital simulation subjects principal subject of this numerical processing software successfully developed (2) Application of this Android-based learning media received good response from students (3) 4.65 average with the category of "very good"; the results of the assessment of media experts get an average score of 4.56 with the category of "very good"; and the results of field implementation test on 32 students get the average score of 4.51 with the category "very good". Thus, the Android-based learning media for digital simulation subjects the subject matter of numerical processing software. developed are considered appropriate to be used as learning media.

KeywordsAndroid-Based Learning; Smartphone;Digital Simulation; Learning Media.

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