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Penis Pumps - Penis Enlargement Method to Avoid

by Russell Green (2020-04-22)

Penis Pumps are harmful and dangerous

Penis Pumps are marketed as being able to increase your penis size instantly. Pumps are nothing but useless gadgets that temporarily (only for a few minutes) increase your penis size by forcing increased blood circulation. They do not give you permanent gains. The gains do not last even one hour! While the benefits of penis pumps are almost not existent, take a look at the potential harm they could do below.

Risk of blisters
Risk of burst capillaries
Risk of testicles being sucked into the tube causing abnormal pain!
Risk of penis skin being cut on the mouth of the vacuum tube.
Risk of Peyronie's disease. Damage to ligaments around penis area
It should be pretty clear to you now to avoid penis pumps at all costs. If you want to make your penis bigger, you should go for natural, safe penis enlargement with exercises that will give you permanent gains.
Penis Exercises - Best Alternate - Safe and Permanent Gains

6-7 minute penis exercises over a few weeks will make your penis bigger by at least 2+ inches
Gains you will get are permanent. Exercises can be stopped after a few weeks and gains will remain forever.
Completely safe exercises that actually increase the health of the penis in general, better ejaculation, better sexual stamina etc.
Cost of a reputed penis exercise program is a fraction of the cost of pills and pumps.
How do penis exercises work?
The penis is made up of three large chambers. Two chambers at the top and a chamber at the bottom. These chambers fill up with blood and the penis becomes erect. These chambers are surrounded by cell walls. As the penis is the only part of the human body that is not exercised regularly, these cell thicken over time and reduce the size of these chambers, thus restricting or even making your penis small.

Penis exercises gradually break down the cell walls around these chambers in clinically tested safe ways such that the chambers become larger with more normal cell walls. The chambers can hold more blood and thus make the penis larger.

Penis exercises are a much better alternate to pills and pumps and the only method other than surgery to give you permanent, safe gains. Surgery for the common man is completely out of question due to costs but penis exercises are affordable for just about anyone, considering the results it can safely produce.

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