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MindBody Matrix Pain Relief - What foods go together?

by laura nicholas (2021-11-18)

When we talk about the correct combination of foods, we refer to the compatibility of these substances with digestive processes, so that the development of digestion can be carried out properly in the human body.

In this sense, when this process is not manifested correctly in the body, then it is working under a deficiency of the essential substances that our body requires for its development.

Guide to combining foods correctly

All people have different tolerances for a certain variety of foods consumed. Some people tolerate meals consisting of several foods (they are digested enzymatically), in others the combination of two different nutritional products already initiates bacterial digestion.

This tolerance changes with age: as we age, simpler dishes are preferred, consisting of a smaller variety of nutritional products.

Why achieve a correct combination of foods?

Achieving a correct combination of foods allows our system to always be optimal and otherwise, by not having this condition in the feeding process, some factors that cause certain discomfort may be generated, such as: stomach upset, flatulence, stomach heaviness or heartburn.

In addition to this, it is possible that a state of malnutrition occurs even if you think that you are eating a balanced diet. In this regard, Dr. Pickering, a doctor dedicated to the naturopathic field on the east coast of Florida, considers that there is an optimal mechanism in the body for the digestive process.

This process occurs through the presence of chemical substances such as proteins, which require an enzyme called pepsin, which acts together with hydrochloric acid for the decomposition of food. It is important to understand that this last substance is simply the necessary means for this function to be fulfilled in the body.

The four incompatibilities in our food

There are four levels of food incompatibility that must be taken into account in order to avoid combining foods incorrectly. These are as follows:

  1. Protein foods with starchy foods (derived from starch, such as: cereals and potatoes), these slow down the digestive process. Consequently, fermentation processes can be triggered that cause discomfort to the body.
  2. Foods with sugar and starchy foods, this type of diet causes the digestive process to stop when this activity of consumption of foods with starchy characteristics is carried out.
  3. Acidic foods with starchy foods. In this case, foods like: nuts, cereals or potatoes cannot be combined with foods like: tomatoes, orange or pineapple. This is because the digestion process is affected.
  4. The combination of starchy foods with each other. This type of diet affects the breakdown of food and therefore causes the person to gain overweight.

The key pillars for a correct combination of foods

When it comes to the correct combination of foods, the key pillars that determine this condition should be considered when it comes to correct eating. These pillars are the following:

Food requires digestive enzymes

These substances are responsible for secreting them during the digestive process. For example: foods, such as: cheese or meats, need to have an acid medium to be able to assimilate properly.

While rice or bread require an alkaline medium to carry out proper digestion.

Liquids should not be combined with food

The dietitian Gordon Latto, has suggested that the intake of fluids during the consumption of food causes the enzymes to dissolve and affect the correct digestion process in the body.

For this reason, drinks are recommended to be consumed half an hour before meals or an hour after consuming them.

Alkaline foods as a key part of diet

Alkaline foods should make up three-quarters of the foods consumed. For example: fruits and vegetables.

Benefits that generate a correct combination of foods

Achieving a correct combination of foods is necessary in order to ensure that the body can lead our body to feel healthy while performing digestive processes efficiently.

Among the benefits that can be achieved from the regularization of our diet, are the following:

  1. Progression of energy levels.
  2. Reduction of discomfort in the body.
  3. Improves the immune system.
  4. It favors weight loss without any negative effect on the body.

Suitable combinations of some foods

Vegetables are ideal substances for the correct combination of foods since they contain various nutrients. By managing to consume this type of food correctly, you will avoid having a level of incompatibility that ends up affecting the digestive process.

Likewise, fruits are suitable foods to mix with each other as part of an optimal diet and on the other hand, having the combination of fruits, whether they are very sweet with others that are very acidic, can lead to an unwanted impact on the body.

Among the correct combinations to keep in mind for a balanced diet, the following can be considered:

Proteins with vegetables

Vegetable water, vitamins and mineral salts play an important role in the protein assimilation process. In the case of proteins, they mix well with vegetables, such as: onion, radishes, lettuce, among others.

Starch and vegetable consumption

Vegetables are essential elements to ensure that the digestive process is fulfilled in the case of foods that contain starch.

Regarding vegetables such as: beans or peas can be consumed as protein or starch type foods. Taking this consideration into account, combining them with foods that meet these specifications can be largely avoided.

Vegetables mixed with fats

Fats are substances that slow down the digestive process in relation to other foods. For example, when mixed with some especially raw vegetables, they neutralize this condition and the protein digestion process is carried out properly.

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