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Gold Trim X - Dates for cough and bronchial tubes

by laura nicholas (2021-11-16)

In response to Arteris Plus - 7 Outstanding Health Benefits of Apples

Dates to treat cough and bronchial problems in a completely natural way, know what its benefits are and how you can consume it to treat this problem in the lungs.

Desert Arabs regard the date palm as "the source of life." Not only does it give the traveller its nutritious fruits, dates, but it also provides a sugary drink that distills when the trunk bleeds, textile fibers from which dresses and ropes are made, and a refreshing shade.

Benefits of dates for cough

Dates are one of the most energy-rich fruits: 100g (about 10 dates) provide 275 kcal, which is 11% of the daily energy needs for an adult man with average physical activity.

Properties and benefits

The following nutrients stand out in the composition of dates:

  • Sugars (66%), composed mainly of glucose and fructose. The date is one of the richest fruits in sugar.
  • Vitamins of group B, especially B1, B2, niacin and B6. These vitamins, among other functions, have to facilitate the use of sugars by the cells of our body. The date provides significant amounts of all these vitamins, which contributes to its invigorating action.
  • Minerals: dates are one of the richest fruits in minerals. They mainly contribute potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium, in this order of importance. The trace elements copper, magnesium and zinc are also present in significant amounts.
  • Vegetable fiber: With 100g of dates, almost a third of the RDA (recommended daily amount) of vegetable fiber is achieved. It is mostly soluble fiber, made up of pectins and gums, although it also contains insoluble or cellulosic fiber. Both types of fiber exert favorable complementary values on the intestine.

Dates are therefore a very nutritious and energetic fruit. Its protein content, which barely reaches 2%, is rather low, but still exceeds that of most fresh fruits, except avocado. They are quite complete proteins, and easily assimilated by the body. As for fat, it barely reaches 0.5%.

How to use dates to treat respiratory problems

The most important dietary applications of this fruit are:

  1. Respiratory conditions: Traditionally, dates have been used to calm a cough when it is excessively dry and to combat colds in the respiratory tract. They exert a proven emollient (softening) effect on the bronchial tubes, and antitussive, possibly due to their richness in sugars and some component not yet identified. The best way to take them for this purpose is boiled with milk.
  2. Hypoprotein diets: Dates provide very little protein in proportion to their energy richness. This is very useful when you need to limit your protein intake, such as in kidney failure.
  3. Energy diets: The consumption of dates has invigorating and invigorating effects. It is recommended in case of fatigue or weakness at any age. Due to its richness in sugars, vitamins and minerals (including iron), adolescents, young athletes, and pregnant or lactating women especially benefit from the consumption of dates.

How to use dates

Fresh: Fresh dates are softer and more pleasant than dried ones. In many cases, dates are frozen in the country of origin after harvest, and are thawed immediately before being exported for sale. Although the freezing process affects them very little, due to their low water content, those that have not been previously frozen are tastier and more expensive.

Dried: Drying is the traditional way of preserving dates. To avoid their harshness, they can be soaked in milk or water before consumption.

Boiled with milk (preferably vegetable): About 100g of dates are boiled in half a litre of milk for a few minutes. The dates are taken with the milk, to obtain a greater pectoral effect. You can add a tablespoon of honey.

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