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NanoCraft CBD Tincture - Nutritionally speaking, soy milk is best plant-based milk

by laura nicholas (2021-11-12)

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Milk is one of the most consumed food products worldwide, however, not all organisms tolerate lactose and in other cases they even reject the taste of cow's milk. That is why many are in search of delicious alternatives for the consumption of the necessary nutrients through plant milks, so that there is a good development and functioning of the body.

Main benefits of plant milks

One of the most used alternatives is vegetable milk, these not only provide important vitamins but are also delicious on the palate. Here are some of the benefits they bring to our health.

1. Promotes weight loss

Oat milk is perhaps one of the best-known and most sought-after plant milks today. Why? Fiber is ideal for weight loss, as it helps the proper functioning of the digestive system. In addition, it has very low levels of saturated fat, which allows us to more efficiently absorb the nutrients in the food we eat.

Consuming at least a glass of oat milk will provide the body with a dose of vitamin E, antioxidants and beta-glucans; the latter reduce the appearance of elements that damage the intestinal tract, which is directly related to weight loss.

2. Control blood pressure:

Thanks to its high content of polyunsaturated fats, soy milk keeps blood pressure levels under control. Also, due to isoflavones, (which is a compound present in soy milk) it can reduce blood pressure in adults, in fact, according to several studies, ingesting this milk can prevent heart problems.

3. Regulates metabolism:

Oat milk helps us, because due to the unsaturated fats it has, it has the ability to normalize metabolism. Another essential factor that contributes to metabolic regulation is "vitamin B". This is present in oat milk and thanks to it, energy is obtained from carbohydrates, thus promoting weight loss.

4. Provide energy to your body:

Almond milk is prescribed mainly for children in the growth stage, since it provides energy. Other people to whom the consumption of almond milk is suggested are patients with mood problems, liver damage or malnutrition, since this is involved in the process of obtaining energy from glucose.

5. Decongest your stomach:

The main component of oat milk is fiber, so do not hesitate to take it if you want to decongest the intestinal tract, as it relieves constipation and reduces the risks of colon cancer.

How to consume and prepare vegetable milk?

Next, we will show you the recipes for the most common vegetable milk, because they provide greater benefits. Namely:

1. Soy Milks

It is perhaps the best-known plant-based milk in the world. In fact, it is easily accessible in supermarkets and bakeries, but it is also possible to make it at home to improve the flavor and the properties they provide. Only with a few ingredients you will be able to make a delicious soy milk. Let's see:


  • 300 grams of soy (non-GMO)
  • 1 and a half liters of water,


The preparation of this type of milk, unlike others, takes a cooking over medium heat to eliminate the foam of the soy, however, it is not a thing of another world.

2. Oat milks

The preparation of oat milk is simpler than it seems, and the benefits are many because you will enjoy vitamins and molecules such as beta-glucans, which will help you eliminate any bacteria that threaten your intestine. For this you will need.


  • 1 cup of oatmeal
  • 4 cups of water.
  • 6 almonds.
  • Sweetener of your choice.


For the preparation you will need to soak the oats and almonds overnight. In the morning you drain the ingredients and put them in the blender, pouring in the water little by little, until you achieve a creamy consistency. Add the cinnamon, sweeten and voila. Enjoy a delicious drink, while you eat healthy.

3. Almond milks

As you may already know, almond milk is especially used by people with diabetes, even several doctors prescribe it to their patients to lose abdominal fat.


  • 1 cup of almonds.
  • 3 cups of water


Pour the almonds into a blender with half a cup of water. Beat and add the water little by little until you get a creamy consistency and the almond pieces are tiny. It is necessary to strain the milk through a cloth, as the almonds will not disappear completely. Enjoy your cold milk and begin to acquire the properties of this recognized vegetable milk.

4. Rice milk

The delicious rice milk is one of the most used vegetable milks for reducing diets, since it is low in calories and saturated fat. Try this easy to prepare recipe and get a natural slimming drink.


  • 1 cup of brown rice
  • 4 cups of water

To sweeten (optional)

  • Dates
  • Piloncillo
  • Honey bee
  • Butchered sugar

Extra ingredients:

  • Cinnamon powder
  • Vanilla extract


  • The rice should be washed very well and soaked overnight in 4 cups of water.
  • Once we have the rice soaked, (the next day) we proceed to mix in a blender with another glass of water and the natural sweetener that we have chosen plus cinnamon or vanilla extract, everything is optional. Once a homogeneous mixture is achieved, we must strain it.
  • To strain we can use a sky blanket (which can be obtained in fabric stores) or a bag for grout or a fine strainer, the best option is sky cloth, with which you can even get the way to make cheese.


Unfortunately, in many cases the consumption of this type of milk at an early age leads to worse negative consequences, such as allergies and gastric problems. That is why we want to reiterate the importance of exclusive breastfeeding the first six months of your child's life.

In view of everything explained in this article, the consumption of vegetable milks in adulthood is encouraged for the stimulation of organs and intestinal tracts, as well as to reduce cholesterol levels. However, it is not advised or suggested that it be supplied in the developmental stages as a substitute for milk that provides nutrients for the normal growth of the child.

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