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VikingXL Customer Reviews -How do you cleanse your body of sugar?

by laura nicholas (2021-10-20)

There has been a lot of talk about sugar in health forums about whether or not it's good for you. The sugar itself is not bad. It is an ingredient that occurs naturally in many foods, including fruits. However, that is very different from adding excessively to your daily dietary intake. That is simply not necessary. In fact, you will find that a lot of positive things happen when you decide to kick the sugar habit.

What happens to your body when you stop eating sugar?

Although people living in the Western world have been trained to crave sugary treats, as well as foods that include large amounts of sugar to sweeten, we certainly don't need it. If you stop eating anything with refined sugar and less natural sugars, you will notice that 10 very significant things will happen. Read each one because after this, you will never want to eat sugar

1. Your body learns to be full

Sugar suppresses our hormone leptin which makes us feel full and when the sugar is cut off the body reverts to its natural appetite maintenance mode. Having sugar in your diet commonly causes you to eat more, not control portions, be permanently hungry and finish the meal with something sweet. Stopping eating is sometimes not about a lack of willpower, but rather a physiological impact of hormones being affected by sugar consumption.

2. Your body works better

If your body works really well, guess what? Everything becomes easier. This is a fact. Women always seem to focus on being slimmer and avoiding as many calories as possible to get the body they want. But a better way to get the body you want is to get it to work the best you can.

Sugar robs the body of nutrients, so the whole system is compromised, diet and / or eating too much of it slows down your metabolism, it means that the body becomes inefficient. It is also completely toxic, which means that your poor liver is in daily overload. Also, when the body tries to keep toxins away from your vital organs, it deliberately retains water, fat, and cholesterol around it and stores them on the surface. Cut the sugar and see what most women want for their bodies - fat burning energy houses.

3. Your energy will soar

The opposite of the false belief that sugar gives you energy. And it's silly. It might give you a quick high, but overall, it's an energy sipper. Women choose sugar to alleviate tiredness rather than going to bed early and eating the right kinds of food, but this only leads to a toxic vicious cycle of eating sugar - speeding up - eating more sugar - speeding up - eating more sugar - feel guilty - eat more sugar.

Cut it up, replace with essential Omega 3 fats, fish, seeds, nuts and vegetables and watch your energy levels skyrocket. At first, you may feel tired for the first 5 days as your body copes with withdrawal symptoms, but hold on and you'll be on the other side.

4. You sleep better

Chocolate contains caffeine, and anything that kicks your blood sugar levels down regularly can actually disrupt your sleep. When cutting it one of the results that are evident is that you sleep much better. If women could learn to reset their bodies and give their body what it needs most, magic happens.

5. Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS) disappears

Sugar causes inflammation in the body and things like wheat and dairy products (which are often the basis of sugary treats) do the same, plus they produce mucus and phlegm, create intestinal and pelvic inflammation. When you combine this with the fact that stress shuts off the blood supply to the uterus and intestines, and your homeostasis (hormonal balance) is massively affected by the adrenal glands and sugar consumption, you can see why many women who they eat it, not only do they store more fat, but they have PMS.

Premenstrual syndrome is sometimes difficult to understand, one day you may feel more tired and perhaps a little hungrier, but if you have already stopped eating sugar, you will surely not have cravings in any of its presentations, you will be without pain and less swollen. Why? Because the hormones are more balanced, there is no inflammation in the body, the intestine and uterus have a good supply of oxygen and nutrients and your diet is full of essential fats and raw foods, (the latter recommended to do together with stopping eat sugar).

6. You will look younger and sparkle

Sugar affects elastin and collagen, (the two main proteins in skin) by activating a process called glycation, where the sugar binds to your protein fibers. Glycation causes proteins to mutate, creating harmful new molecules called advanced glycation end products (AGs) that build up and cause even more damage, leading to more inflammation and damage.

This, together with the lethargy caused by excess sugar, means that women lose their shine and sparkle when they have too much in their body. By cutting off what hurts you, hair, nails, eyes shine and women flourish in their natural beauty. With detox and no need for botox.

7. Your liver functions improve

Diseased skin is caused by poor liver function. Whether it's from medications or a poor diet, when all of that is removed and a detox and cleansing eating plan is started, the liver improves, and the skin improves within weeks. While people find it difficult to understand that it is a positive thing that the liver works better, when you take care of your liver you will see that your body will be able to function better: it can do its job correctly helping to get rid of toxins better, store less fat and help you live as long as possible.

8. There is no feeling of being hungry

Women often cannot distinguish between physical hunger and emotional hunger. When you give up sugar, there is a big shift in understanding physical hunger. Dieters are always afraid of being hungry so they always think and plan their meal. By cutting out sugar, your body is so well equipped that it tells you what it needs and when.

You can change what you eat every day. Some days you can have a small breakfast, a large lunch, and hardly any dinner. Some days your body wants to eat little and other days, you can skip meals without realizing why you have forgotten to eat since your body is simply not hungry. Freeing yourself from sugar is priceless. You don't think about food.

9. You control sugar, sugar doesn't control you

Sugar is a drug and a very powerful one. Something so powerful that it even means that if you didn't want to eat it on that day, you're going to end up with it, because it has a power over you. But taking it out (rather than trying to have a little bit of it each day) means that you're really in control.

So, cut out everything that contains it: candies, chocolates, cakes, cookies, ice cream, puddings, commercial yogurts, etc., although it could be difficult at first, in a couple of weeks, you will see how you take control and for someone It was controlled by food and sugar for a long time, getting its power back is one of the most empowering things you have ever done, you are getting your health back. This quote sums up this point nicely: "Sometimes, you don't realize the weight of something you've been carrying until you feel the weight of its release."

10. Change your body the way no exercise could

Inflammation and toxins manifest in bloating, fluid retention, and pockets of fat in places you least want it when you're not watching your diet. If you stop eating sugar, your face changes shape, your waistline narrows, and you bloom in a way that you never knew you could, if you stopped eating it.

Excess consumed energy usually calories from fats or carbs is stored in fat cells in the form of triglycerides. This is how your body preserves energy for future needs. Over time, this excess energy results in a fat surplus that can affect your body shape and health. To promote weight loss, you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. This is referred to as a calorie deficit. Though it varies from person to person, a daily 500-calorie deficit is a good place to start to see noticeable fat loss.