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Styphdxfirol - What happens if you eat pear everyday?

by laura nicholas (2021-10-29)

The benefits of consuming pear water can be many, based on the fact that pear is a food that can reduce hunger, cleanse the stomach and promote the reduction of bad cholesterol, we can find in this fruit many benefits that perhaps you did not know.

The pear not only stands out for its delicious flavor, but also for its nutrients that help different organisms in the body. Its properties are effective to regulate digestion and therefore the elimination of harmful agents is absolute. Its juicy concentration helps to hydrate, in fact, it is one of the few fruits that is composed of more than 80% water.

The benefits of pear water for the body

These are some of the main benefits that pear water can bring to our body, and for which it is highly recommended that it accompanies your diet, in addition to being a very tasty drink.

Counteracts cholesterol

A considerable amount of fiber can be obtained from each serving of pear of about 6 grams. This natural component is essential to combat the accumulation of cholesterol that adheres to the walls of the arteries and which in turn causes high blood pressure.

Produces satiety

Either in the morning or in the afternoon, consuming a medium pear with a glass of water gives the feeling of satiety. The components of the pear are provided in a viscous form that sticks to the intestinal walls and therefore its absorption and degradation of nutrients is slower.

Cleans the stomach

The benefits of pear water apply to cleansing the stomach. Thanks to its high fiber content, the digestive system obtains a type of "dietary fiber" with which it can improve the absorption process and its free passage through the colon.

Preserve youth

It seems incredible to believe that the benefits of pear water also help to rejuvenate. But the claim is certainly valid, the scientific explanation is given by the antioxidants found in your skin. These helps fight free radicals that damage collagen-promoting cells.

Avoid type 2 diabetes

Recent research from Harvard University showed that pear water lowered the chances of type 2 diabetes. Its effect is due to anthocyanins (catalytic enzymes that break down glucose faster than others), which is why the study leaders recommend that people with a clinical history prone to this disease consume pear water 5 times a week.

Prevents the flu

The reaction of antigens (cells that fight viruses and foreign batteries that enter the body) before malicious agents is to raise the temperature of the body and create mucus that expels it. This whole process can be accelerated and even prevented by ingesting a certain amount of vitamin C. Fruits such as tangerine, orange and lemon contain high amounts of this vitamin, but the pear set also contains it, so it is an excellent option for prevent the flu.

Keeps the body moving

The potassium is another nutrient containing water pear. This mineral is one of the main sources of energy for muscle contraction and relaxation. When there is a lack of potassium, pain in the joints begins. For this reason, if you exercise frequently, you should consume a serving of no less than 7 grams of pear just after the routine.

Ideas for consuming pear water

  • Combined with honey, pear water with honey on an empty stomach is equivalent to the energy provided by an energizing drink, with the difference that this natural combination does not have a rebound effect (adrenaline rises and falls abruptly).
  • Fruit cocktail, if the person maintains a constant physical activity, combining the pear with other fruits helps greatly.
  • Pear and orange smoothies, antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium are combined. Ideal for preventing rheumatic arthritis.
  • Pear puree, in the glass of the blender add a tablespoon of honey, two medium pears and a few drops of olive oil. When these components are together it is liquefied until it is a homogeneous mixture.

These and other benefits of pear water help different internal organs. Perhaps the last recommendation would be to try to acquire natural pears. Those that are chemically altered contain a high percentage of unsaturated hormones that are harmful to the endocrine system.


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