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Keto Strong Pills Review - Is it weird to breastfeed a 2 year old?

by laura nicholas (2021-10-25)

Do you have children who are breastfeeding? You may be interested in knowing this about dairy formulas.


- Rich in omega 3 for brain development, named, DHA and AA

- It adapts perfectly to the needs of the infant; the levels decrease as the baby grows

- Rich in cholesterol (good)

- Almost completely absorbed

- Contains lipase enzyme that digests fat

- More fully absorbed;

- Lactoferrin for gut health

- Lysozyme, an antimicrobial

- Rich in protein components

- Rich in growth factors

- Contains sleep-inducing proteins

- Rich in lactose

- Rich in living white blood cells, millions per feeding

- Rich in immunoglobulins

- Minerals are better absorbed, especially zinc and calcium

- Iron is 50 to 75 percent absorbed.

- Contains more selenium (an antioxidant)

- Rich in digestive enzymes, such as amylase and lipase

- Rich in many hormones: thyroid, prolactin, oxytocin, and others

Milk formula

- Difficult to digest curd casein

- Does not contain DHA (Omega 3)

- Does not adjust to the needs of the baby

- No good cholesterol

- It is not completely absorbed

- Sinlipase

- It absorbs poorly

- No lactoferrin, or just a trace

- No lysozyme

- Deficient or low in protein

- Deficient in growth factors

(Babies may be allergic to the protein in formula.)

- No living white blood cells - or any other cells. Dead food has fewer immune benefits.

- Few Immunoglobulins and most are of the wrong type

- Number of poorly absorbed minerals

- Iron is 5 to 10 percent absorbed

- Little selenium

- Processing kills digestive enzymes

- Processing kills hormones, which are not human to begin with

Digestive enzymes promote intestinal health. Hormones contribute to the overall balance of the baby's biochemistry and well-being.

The superiority of mother's milk over formula is not really controversial.

Fat is the most important nutrient in breast milk. Insufficient cholesterol and DHA, essential for the brain and growing organs, can predispose a child to an adult heart and diseases in the center of the nervous system.


The baby's brain is made up mostly of fats - good fats like DHA and AA. Fats form the structure of nerve cells, the insulation between them, the connections, and the supporting structure. Without these essential fatty acids, there is no normal brain. With inadequate supplies of them, the formation of the brain is not faulty.

But before we can talk about brain fats, it's important to say a little about:

Keto diets are popular for weight loss and may be more effective than other programs in the short-term. A 2020 review notes that keto diets were more effective at reducing body weight in people with overweight or obesity than low fat diets.

Keto Strong Pills Review


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