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Re: Kumpulan Info Situs Judi Online

by mrs santy saharay (2020-06-08)

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My guess is that the only way the integrity of online games will ever be properly tested is if thousands of players get together, log their bets, download casino-generated account records for corroboration, and share their experiences. Information about the Target HR methodology is available elsewhere, so let's get back to the topic of UK-licensed casino-style games which all the gambling regulatory bodies above say with hand on heart have an average house advantage of not more than -4.0% (the minus sign indicating negative expectation for the player). I have taken a critical position against online "casinos" a few times in the past (see the long-standing note at the bottom of every post) but gave up the campaign as a lost cause when it became clear that politics and vested interests will never make the bet-from-home process fair and safe for players in the USA.