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by Mathew John (2020-01-10)

Start by doing it for 15 minutes each day then Panalean Reviewgradually increase it to 30 minutes. Invite a friend; it is a lot more fun and motivating if you have a partner in losing weight. Set goals with him or her as to how much weight each of you want to lose as well the target date. Write it down where you can readily see it so you are reminded every day.This resolution is not new. You are aware every day, perhaps year after year that improving this one area of your life is desirable and potentially necessary to a happier and healthier life. You allow yourself to be distracted from persevering in making any lasting change by listening to others, by delaying when you will start to make the change and by being too busy. All seem like good excuses at the time, but they are just that; excuses.Making the change can be very difficult, or we would not find ourselves repeating the same old resolution each year. You have a dream about what the end state looks like; that new svelte body after losing thirty pounds, or finishing that half-marathon coming up this spring. What escapes most people is a commitment to the process of reaching that goal.It helps to choose one change at a time. Decide the most important thing you want to change and commit to it before anything else. This requires mental discipline. We sabotage our efforts by not believing the messages we tell others about our intentions. This requires an attitude adjustment from being on a diet to changing my entire nutritional approach to food. It means shifting our thoughts from the discomfort of exercise to the benefits we gain each time we do it, like immediate stress-relief and improved circulation and cardiovascular systems. It also requires sticking to a plan.