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Joint Pain Hack

by Regina Fancy (2020-01-06)

I'll stay on "The Wellness Prescription" diet for Joint Pain Hack Review a few more weeks to see what the results are. I think it's been 2 1/2 weeks so far, after a month I will "cheat" and see what happens as far as the fibromyalgia pain. Maybe if I stay on it long enough, I will be able to cheat 20% of the time like the book claims without causing a "flare". Only time will tell!My Dad & Step-Mom went to a MS seminar years ago where a Dr. talked about foods that caused inflammation. I didn't pay much attention to it because none of the "get well diets" I had ever tried ever helped my fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or IBS- they just made me grouchy because I couldn't eat what I wanted!I've recently started reading (emphasis on STARTED) a book called "The Wellness Prescription" by David H. Rahm, MD because it was recommended by a friend. It's a small book, I like that because holding a book to read or reading on a device (computer or Kindle) makes me tired very quickly as well as increase the pain in my hands, elbows, shoulders and neck. I read (skimmed) the "what foods to avoid" section & why they cause inflammation & the break down of the intestinal lining both which may lead to many ailments. So without reading the entire book, I quit eating the "foods to avoid" on March 17, 2010, deciding that I will give it a month and see if the fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue & IBS improve.I've been using protein shakes for years for breakfast because my stomach just can't tolerate "real food" when I first get up in the morning, yet if I don't drink a protein shake within 30 minutes, I get sick to my stomach.