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Memory Hack

by Regina Fancy (2020-01-06)

Dr. Christy Wise is a licensed clinical psychologist. Memory Hack Review She is also a national speaker on relationship conflict resolution and sex therapy. Dr. Wise has been practicing for over ten years. She has brought comfort and understanding to issues surrounding divorce, children, teens, relationships, conflict resolution, sexuality, anxiety, depression, psychological testing and many other diagnostic categories and issues.Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) means lacking in attention abilities. You may be familiar with this type of behavior from when you were in grade school. Can you recall the student who frequently interrupted the class? You know, one who got caught throwing a paper airplane or chatting when the teacher was explaining history. And, when the teacher became frustrated, the teacher told the student to face the corner in the back of the room. And if that did not work, the student was made to stand outside the classroom door for the duration of class. And of course, when the student pushed the teacher's final button, the teacher gave that student a one way pass to the office. This escalation of teacher discipline was all in the name of student behavioral change.In the 21st Century, this type of student behavior is known as ADD. Children with ADD are hyperactive. And all these years we thought that hyperactivity came from consuming too much sugar. According to Dr. Frank Lawlis, author of The ADD Answer - How to Help Your Child Now, a student who gets into fights and challenges authority is not hyperactive because his/her brain is in high gear, it is that the student is trying to get his/her brain into high gear.