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Manifestation Code System

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-30)

Our lives change from second Manifestation Code System Review to second, hour to hour and day to day. The bible teaches us that we can go to bed at night in tears but wake up in the morning in jubilation. No man can tell what would happen or what God has planned for us. Giving up hope is taking away the chance for God to make things different for us. Hope allows the impossible to be made possible and because we can never tell the outcome of any event unless it has passed, we must always stay on the path believing that things will get better despite the odds against us. We all want to be victorious in spite of what we may confess. The fact is losing is something none of us relishes. Victory is something that starts within our core and is a part of us. Taking away hope takes away the chance of us ever becoming victorious. There is no limit to the stages of depression that we can sink in to. However each level has its remedy if we have hope. Sometimes we look to death, suicidal tendencies as our remedy. This is still seeking victory to overcome the pain that we are in unfortunately it is the wrong remedy as a life is lost through deceit of the devil. The fact remains that we all desire victory and to get this we must have hope to pull us through. The things that hurt us, the things that make us feel helpless are always the things that are in the world. We look at a situation and believe there are no answers and there is no remedy for what we undergo. Without hope there is very little scope for a positive outcome, we are insular and see things from a negative perspective. Our focus is on the loss than the gain. The thing to always remind ourselves is that what is within us is greater than what is without. Man did not build planes or land on the moon in his first attempt. We had many failures but because we had hope and believed in our abilities we overcame what seemed impossible at first. If man can do this then we can overcome anything in life.