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Ultra Manifestation

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-30)

The theme of that reflection Ultra Manifestation Review these last few days has been: What have I allowed to determine what does or does not happen in my life? "Allow" is the key word here, for during these days, on even deeper and more profound levels, I am recognizing my choices as reflections of what I allow and do not allow to hold power in my life.While I acknowledge that there can be many reasons why something does or does not happen, many of which I cannot outwardly control, I do have the power to create the energetic conditions that would be most conducive to particular outcomes. Yet creating those conditions can sometimes still be the sticking point. Here at my lakeside power spot, I find myself reflecting back over times when I allowed truly extraordinary things to happen-times when I recognized the potential of the moment and rode its great energetic wave into a wonderful new experience or accomplishment. Hand in hand with those recognitions, however, have also come realizations that there were times when great things were trying to happen, yet because of my fears of change, the unknown, what people would think, how someone would react, or whatever, I either blocked the wave or just didn't get on. I allowed the opportunity to pass me by. I am not one to hold onto regrets. As I look back, I can find the gift or important learning that has come with everything that has happened in my life and every choice that I have made. Even if the learning is just the realization that I could have made a different choice, that is valuable. I'll think twice before making a similar choice again. In recent years, even when I make a choice or take an action that I'm not very proud of, the learning is usually immediate. I'm always looking for the gift or the learning.