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The Underground Fat Loss Manual

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-27)

And therein lies the whole The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review problem with diets... we don't plan on making them a lifetime, lifestyle change. They're just a band aid solution to a chronic overweight condition, which just seems to balloon the older we get. I want to introduce you to another approach to the whole universe of weight loss. What if we were to look at a program of eating that would contain delicious, nutritious foods, take off the weight quite quickly, alleviate the symptoms of diabetes and keep us all healthy for life? Would that interest you? You see the process of changing from one way of eating to another involves some transition time while we get used to the new foods and learn to really like them. Think about it... do you still eat the same foods as you did 10 or 20 years ago? Probably not! Yet you like what you're eating now. It's just like salt on our food... if we have high blood pressure and start on a program of gradually reducing salt (which I've done), we begin to like less salty food and actually find the levels of salt we used to eat are now distasteful. Whenever you are on a diet, its very hard to determine what to do when you are out with friends, and they want to eat. Sometimes you feel like you should eat, just to feel a part of the group, but may feel guilty because you're not meant to be eating. This problem of eating out stems from the fact we have so much choice. And this choice is leading us to one huge problem as a society. The obesity rate around the world is consistently increasing. And its easy to see why. If you look around, you see fast food everywhere. That's because we don't cook at home anymore. Its just not worth it. We can just dial for a pizza, or drive though our favorite fast food restaurant and get a meal in a few minutes, for a couple of dollars. In comparison, it seems such a bother to buy organic food and actually prepare it at home. The unfortunate thing for us, is that all fast food we eat is fat attracting. That's true no matter what the marketing department at some of these fast food chains want you to think. In fact you can take this even further.