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Ultimate Small Shop

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-17)

If you take the time to Ultimate Small Shop Review look next time you are at a boat harbor, check out the supreme quality of woodwork used on marine craft, both in their construction and the marvelous finishing of the decks, railings and masts. The beautiful rich color of the timbers contrasted against the painted sterns looks magnificent. Most of this timber work was done by a master craftsman using specialized woodworking tools. Even in a boat making factory they employ experts to apply all the timber trimmings. Custom marine woodworking is usually done in a specialized marine woodworking shop but with the right woodworking tools and a workshop setup, you can do marine woodworking at home. Dedicated craftsman can produce high quality work using solid teak,suited for the marine environment, which lasts much longer than regular timbers.Solid rough Southeast Asian teak, and specific mahoganies from around the world are the best woods for marine use. Teak is a great timber for swim decks and platforms and is used for its long straight grain that can also be bent to a prescribed shape, for boats and for curved rails. It will hold the shape even after many years in the salt water battling bad weather.Teak is also great for sports car trims, handling the sun and rain exposure that sports cars are subjected to. These days only luxury cars have timber finishes because they cannot be mass-produced and cost so much more. Perhaps you already own a boat and you need a new helm for your old boat which has been sitting unused in your garage or in the boat house. Such an item would be very expensive to have made by a marine shop, so if you could do this yourself it would save you a lot of money and increase the value of your boat. With the right woodworking tools and a woodworking plan you can build yourself a teak helm for your marine craft. Left over teak is great for outdoor furniture, as it withstands temperature changes, extreme weather conditions and of course water.