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Tinnitus 911

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-13)

People who love going to Tinnitus 911 Review loud/ rock/heavy metal/high pitched concerts are most likely to fall in this category, and experience regular "ringing ears after a concert" side effect. The alarming side about this is that the damage or ringing ears doesn't just occur after a concert, but also by regular exposure to sounds of highway traffic, airplane engines and even from the loud noise of the hair dryer. The statistics are also rising for younger people due to constant exposure to loud music and common loud noises on urban areas. It is usually experienced after listening to loud music with headphones or bombasts of loud party music. With the popularity of iPods and other mp3 portable players, the younger generations are also constantly exposed to loud focused sounds from their earphones. Regular exposure to loud volumes may induce immunity but the damage to the neurons of the ear may grow prevalent with symptoms of hearing loss and tinnitus. There are also cases in which people who first time attend a loud rock concert, experience ringing after a concert itself. When this occurs, it means that the loud bombast of focused sounds have been loud and damaging enough to cause your auditory neurons to overexcite and send buzzing signals to your brain, giving you ringing after a concert tinnitus experience. It may trigger tinnitus, and cause regular ringing and buzzing sounds event when just exposed to regular everyday loud noises. One must take measures to avoid same exposure again, or one can regularly use ear plug to lower down the volume of loud damaging sounds. Why do you experience the ringing ears after a concert? Why does it usually occur right after a concert? Exposure to loud noises or sounds may have damaged the nerve endings in the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear, which caused over-sensitivity or the ringing. Loud sounds can damage the tiny sensitive hairs stereocilia in our ear's cochlea, which leads to neurons to send sound signals involuntary in the auditory brainstem. The over-sensitivity may overload and cause the perception of a buzzing or ringing sound. In other words, the ringing ears after a concert is caused by involuntary unnecessary actions of auditory neurons, where your brain is prompted to process buzzing sounds that are not real at all.