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by Regina Fancy (2019-12-10)

Don't allow negative thoughts - chances are you've looked Ketogenasis Review in the mirror before and seen your reflection and thought "it's hopeless", or "I don't stand a chance of getting thin!". I'm right, huh? Well, these thoughts are just the quickest way to lose your motivation, so you have to stop letting them control you! Next time you spot a thought like this coming on, I want you to say (out loud) "SCRAP THAT!!" - don't allow such horrible thoughts to be part of your life. It will feel silly to start with, but keep at it and you'll soon do it without even thinking.Remember the benefits - when your motivation is slipping, and you just can't fancy eating another apple or doing the workout video again... just put it all in perspective and remember the benefits you will get as you lose weight. Imagine the clothes you will be able to wear and the way your body will look. Imagine your new confidence and increased energy. Imagine the pride you will feel about yourself and the way your friends and family will all admire you. And just focus on those things instead of the temporary sacrifices you need to make.This is the third article in a series of fast fat burning tips. Using liquid to help you diet and lose weight is by no means a new concept. However, it is a surprisingly underused technique that can go a long way towards helping you eat less and lose more weight. The method is simple: drink lots of liquid in order to make you feel full faster. Preferably, you would drink water, since your body needs it and it doesn't contain any calories. Whenever you get a snack craving during the day, drink a glass of water or two to fill up your stomach; hopefully you wont be hungry any more. Even if you still feel like you need something to eat, chances are you wont be able to eat as much. Be wary of using juice or sports drinks as your liquid of choice, as the calories (and sugar) can quickly add up.