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Organixx Collagen

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-09)

If you think about it carefully both the base and Organixx Collagen Reviewactive ingredients get absorbed in your skin and blood. And if they happen to be made from harmful sources your body will end up consuming them. Sounds scary? Actually it is scarier than it sounds. I do not want to disappoint you but this is the truth. Most so called top skin care products choose to use harmful ingredients because they are cheap and easy to procure. For instance one such ingredient is fragrances. We are completely swayed by the sexy smelling cream. You will be shocked to know that fragrances are made up of more than 4000 potentially harmful chemicals that eventually get absorbed by the skin. Imagine what havoc they might cause if used in long term. I would leave that to your imagination. Fragrances also contain alcohol that is the root cause of dry skin. Alcohols are known to make skin dry and they snatch away the natural moisture of skin. First step in spotting the top skin care products is to stay away from harmful ingredients like fragrances and alcohols. Second step is to look for effective and natural ingredients.Look for ingredients like CynergyTK, Wakame, CoenzymeQ10, Avocado Oil, Babassu Wax, Capuacu Butter etc. These natural ingredients work in synergy to treat the skin from within. They are designed in a way to penetrate deep in the skin and then deliver their effect.For instance CoenzymeQ10 is one such ingredient that can penetrate deep up to seven layers of skin and increase the production of collagen. Cynergy TK is functional protein that can boost the natural levels of collagen in the skin to make it more elastic. Other oils and waxes are natural emollient that sooth the skin gently and moisturize them to provide a natural tone to the skin. These are miles away from synthetic sources and chemicals, instead they are all plant and fruit extracts.