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Text Chemistry

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-04)

First, confidence is the Text Chemistry Review natural result of having a high sense of self-worth. Yes, you can act confident. But if you want to be confident you have to understand what will make you that way by nature. This begins with not caring what anyone thinks of you, including the guy whom you want so bad to impress. Why? Because even if you do impress him and it makes your confidence soar he is still in control of your sense of self-worth. Give someone the power to validate you and you give them the power to take that validation away. However, if you decide that you value yourself in spite of anything else, or anyone else than your confidence is bulletproof. Here is an easy way to apply this: focus on your strengths and let them show. Don't focus on your weaknesses but make sure that they show as well. Why? Because confidence is more about being comfortable with your imperfections than it is about appearing perfect. This will impress any man and he will realize that you are a real person, he will treat you like a real person. He will understand that you are comfortable with weaknesses and will be more open to bearing his. This will not only help you to be confident, it will inspire him to be himself and will take the guessing out of your relationship. Whether or not you should make a man wait for sex can be a confusing topic can't it? If you give it to him too soon, is he going to think that you are easy? If you don't give it to him is he going to think that you are sexually frigid and hit the road? If you are wondering about any of these and whether or not you should make him wait for sex then keep reading because the answer is really pretty simple...