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by Alisa Princy (2019-12-04)

Applying lubricant decreases extra Provitazol Review friction and allows less heat and stress to build up in the condom, decreasing, not eliminating, risk it will break, thus decreasing, not eliminating, risk of pregnancy and disease. So now you see how simply applying extra lubrication makes sex safer and more enjoyable! So what are you going to do about it? Run out to the drug store and buy a bottle of lubricant? Wrong! Many over the counter lubricants contain ingredients that you don't want to put inside your body, such as oil and sugar. You are making love, not baking cookies. Your body can't break that stuff down or absorb oil based products. What about the "water soluble" stuff they push in drug stores? Many water based "personal lubricants" found in grocery stores, drug stores and sex shops are made with sugars. Well everybody likes sugar, especially kids and ants. Before you go basting your privates in corn syrup think about who else likes sugar...yeast. Be real careful with what you apply in your personal area because a lot of stuff isn't made with a woman's body in mind. Use sugar-free, water soluble lubricants made especially for a woman's body. Nutrients are the key to semen production, when there are nutrition imbalances present in the system, then sexual problems are among the problems one will experience. Sperm generation is one of the most complex and energy consuming processes in the male body and it is not always given enough attention The creation of special supplements like Semenax was a true revolution in the pharmaceutical world and a turning point in the improvement of male sexual performance. The herbs and amino-acids in the structure of Semenax bring a sufficient quantity of nutrients to help stimulate semen production.