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Halki Diabetes Remedy

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-03)

I had accepted my hypertension, putting it down Halki Diabetes Remedy Review to my advancing years. I saw it as part and parcel of increasing age along with the natural hardening of arteries and a normal event in the aging process and had resigned myself to take the hypertensive drugs that brought my blood pressure down. But now, with these additional drugs I was forced to take and the awful side effects they had, I sought a way out. I wanted a cure for my diabetes and I was prepared to do anything to find it. It was at this time, talking to my physician, that I discovered that medical science, the very science I had studied and built my career upon, offers no cure for Type 2 Diabetes, or for almost all other ailments for that matter. "Cure" was a word seemingly banished from the medical lexicon: they only offered "treatment," or "treating the symptoms" as it was put. All this had passed me by as I pressed on with my career as I had never been sick before. And now I was sick, very sick. And in my case I would be taking drugs to treat my condition and enduring the side effects until the day I died. That was wholly unacceptable to me. I had to find a cure somehow, somewhere. Eventually I did. And when I did I was pleasantly surprised to find it simple and inexpensive.While lying in my hospital bed, I was visited by a doctor friend who had a companion with him. The stranger introduced himself stating he was a naturopath. Immediately I was wary; I had been trained to regard such people as quacks and their methods as unsound as their remedies were useless. But he was friendly and pleasant and surprised me by asking about my lifestyle and specifically my diet, my drinking habits.