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Text Chemistry

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-28)

She's suddenly not feeling so secure. Maybe she has Text Chemistry Review "the talk", you know, the one where she asks where the relationship is going. Now he bolts for it, like a streak of lightening. Suddenly, the love of her life, food of her addiction, has disappeared off the face of the planet and all her neediness and insecurity rise to the surface. She bombards him with phone calls and text messages demanding to know where he is and why he isn't responding. He takes fright at the realisation of yet another "bunny boiler" and runs for the hills. That's it! Relationship finished! Game over!Does it look like fun to have a guy so attracted to you that he'd even chase you? Have you witnessed this happening to many of your friends and you'd love to know the thrill of that kind of hunt? Are you curious as to what it takes to make a guy chase a woman? This article is for you.Men love a challenge and the mistake women make is they take that challenge away from them. If you're too eager to become involved with a man, you might be acting a little more desperately than you realize. Perhaps your smile is too hungry, your gaze too intense and your come ons too obvious. This isn't going to get to many guys to jump off their seats to come talk to you. It's too easy.To make him chase after you, you need to play it cool. Being approachable and friendly is always great, but don't cross that thin line over into adulation and fawning. If he sees that he can have fun with you, yet leave without you hanging all over him, you might even walk away from him, this will ignite and intensify his desire to learn more about you.