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Auto-Lotto Processor

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-22)

Most people that like to wager on a few games every Auto-Lotto Processor Review once in while do it because the thrill and excitement of watching a game when their cold hard cash is on the line. The other few do it because they want to win some big money, and out of those folks 80% or more lose money. So what makes the 20% who do come out ahead of the rest better than others? They view sports wagering as an investment, not gambling. Yes, there is a way, even if you barely win more games than you lose to come out WAY ahead of the sports books.First, when you look at the odds of a game, you must determine how much off the spread is. There a very few spreads that the odds makers in Vegas miss, but you can find them probably two or three times a week. These are the games you want to put some money on, not the typical ten games a night you see most losing gamblers do.Then you need to determine a certain percentage of your bankroll you want to risk per game. That means if the spread is way off in one direction or other, you lay more money down. If you see the oddsmakers got the game off, but not by that much, you lay a smaller percentage down. That way even if you lost one game game that you determined wasn't off by much, and won the game that you knew the spread was way off, you still came out way ahead!