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by Jerome Princy (2019-11-22)

Israel was commanded to Individualogist Review pay Tithes to the Levitical Priests (who were not allowed to own property or have jobs). It was the responsibility of the people to take care of the Levites with the tithe. The church (which did not exist during this time) was not commanded to pay tithes. This is something many tithers either ignore or they simply do not know. Many members of The Churches Of God in Christ will not mention or teach this when teaching tithing; many will teach Malachi 3 and stop there. Other teach or use to confirm the tithe, Abrahams account of tithing to the High Priest Melchizedek. The problem with this is, he tithed from the spoils or war. You can not use Faith and Duty in validating paying tithes. To state that one is exercising their Faith when they perform their Duty is wrong, let me explain. Remember point #1 as I explained duty? Faith is something you not only believe but you act on that belief. Some people act through faith and other act by faith (See: Hebrews 11). Some people believe God because of the testimony of others or they believe God by reading His word (By Faith). Others have experienced Gods deliverance, Gods blessings, Gods move in their life and these will act through faith; they have been through circumstances and they know God will deliver. There is no fear at all in this because those acting through faith love and trust God. They have a track record with God, they have experienced...and know Gods resume of experience. Now with that being said, how is faith exercised because of fear and a sense of duty? Or do you move, act and believe God because He has proven Himself to be faithful even when you are not? Putting the study of scripture aside for a moment, all you have to do is listen to the words being used; ask yourself: What source is being referenced? If no passage of scripture is being referenced where you can go and find out for yourself? Look at Acts 17:11, you need to ask questions. Those avid tithers cannot tell anyone what the curse is, how about according to scripture what the curse was? Many believe they are cursed if they don't tithe. Imagine that, coming out of sin, being saved by Jesus Christ only to find out you have a curse levied on you for not tithing. The nation of Israel was cursed because they robbed God (keeping the tithe, not supporting the priest), the Priest were robbing God by taking the best and keeping it for themselves. Why? Again, because the people were not supporting the priesthood. The priest had to leave their post, seek employment to take care of themselves.