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by Alisa Princy (2019-11-22)

Starving Yourself - Why is Leptitox Review this BAD? Very simply your body requires basic nutrients to function. If you don't put these essential nutrients into the body, your body will begin to extract the essential nutrients from those it has stored. Your body doesn't say, hey let's grab the ugly excess fat, heck no, it takes the best stuff you've got. And, guess what, the best stuff you have is muscle (made up of protein which burns fat). So, when you starve yourself, you are using up the one thing that you don't want to burn up. In fact, muscle is the one thing you want more of. Can you see why starving yourself or skipping meals is a bad choice? Walking around in a Sauna Suit or Wrapped in Saran Wrap - First of all, you look like a dork. Sure, you will indeed lose pounds and inches and FAST, but it will only be 'water' weight. This is a crazy way to lose weight. As soon as you reintroduce water to your body, the weight will jump back on you faster than lightning. A No Carb or Low Carb Diet such as the Atkins Diet - Oh my, this diet will work, but recent research has now proven that our bodies do need some carbs. Also, these diets take you to the edge of sanity at times. Believe me, life without bread, pasta or sugar is not pretty. In fact, while I was on the Atkins Diet and dining out, I was known to have a crazed glazed look when my fellow diners were served normal foods. Hollywood Diets - Honey, Grapefruit, Water Only Diets are some of the weirdest stuff you can think of. I don't even really know if they do work temporarily. They are too scary to try! By following any of these diet tips, you are guaranteed to lose weight. However, for optimum health, you need to follow an overall healthy lifestyle program consisting of regular exercise and the right fat burning foods. Eating a risky diet for a few days or a few weeks may temporarily cause you to drop some 'water' weight, but it will not solve your long-term over weight problem.