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by Regina Fancy (2019-11-18)

After all my efforts I was now one pound heavier FloraSpring Review than before I started. Then I tried a program that led to me losing six pounds weight in a single week. The decision was made for me... I had to stick with that one for awhile.Just imagine how excited I was... I thought I had found a winner at last. During the course of the next week I lost another four pounds.Then disaster again! I lost nothing during the next two weeks. I realized that I had struck that plateau... that dreaded plateau that I always seem to find.I had no option but renew my weight loss motivation and go back to testing more programs. After some time doing this I found that if I switched between programs every week... my weight loss continued week after week. I was eating foods like tilapia fish, coconut meat, broccoli, virgin coconut oil and many more wholesome healthy foods.When I realized that I had hit on a winning formula... I shared the programs that worked with my friends and told them how much weight I had lost. They decided to try the same programs using the same formula that I had used and this worked for them as well.You can never imagine how I felt when I realized that I had solved the dreaded "plateau" problem. I had lost 70 pounds in an amazingly short time. This formula is definitely a winner for me and I look forward to sharing it with as many people as I can.