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IGR Plus

by Alisa Princy (2019-11-16)

Is the worry about the "food" industry all hype? A IGR Plus Review resounding NO can be heard from the depths of my soul! Due to the Internet, we have now at our fingertips extensive information regarding food production and supply; and I'm quite thankful to have the information. Yet, as I look around my town I found no one changing their habits and it saddens me that the 'source' of their issues isn't their fault and they don't even know it. The food industry bears much of the blame for bringing to the table those ingredients that harm our bodies, kill our metabolism and keep us overweight and sick despite the years and years of "dieting". Have you ever heard a statement or story and knew in your gut that it was the absolute truth. I have and the story of "Food, Inc" was one of those turning points for me. Have you heard or investigated the stories of genetically modified foods? When you do the research you will feel the same punch in the gut as I did. The source of many negative health and life issues became a narrowed focus to one industry and on purpose: profit. The fact that I'd been so blind, and taught blindly, for so many years is perplexing. In the last ten years have you found yourself questioning... maybe unconsciously wondering.... that something was wrong but you just couldn't quite put your finger on it? Obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, constipation and chronic fatigue... why all of a sudden and in gargantuan proportions? All around us - the dying and desperation come in such short order. Just in the area where I live, there have been several young individuals that I personal know contract cancer and lose the fight. Still even more suffer from chronic fatigue (my guess...poor nutrition), irritable bowel, heart disease, diabetes and a host of other ailments easily curable by nutrients alone. Is obesity and its connected problems going to be the black plague of our future history books? And if that is our new plague, could we just call it what it is, "death by poor nutrition" or should we blame it on laziness, will-power and poverty.