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Bp Zone

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-15)

Only way to overcome alcohol Bp Zone Review related hypertension is to quit dependency on alcohol and smoking. Hard to do but not impossible. Engage yourself with family members or some kind of sports or support group which does not remind of drinking and smoking. These were the ways which we implement in our lives and get rid of hypertension. But to bring down the blood pressure quickly antihypertensive medicines are available. Some of them are as stated: Hypertension was a primary or secondary cause of death in almost 400,000 deaths last year. Most showed a clear relationship between hypertension (also called high blood pressure) and heart attacks, strokes and congestive heart failure. For example, 77% of first stroke victims had blood pressure higher than 140/90 (AHA). This range of measurement is considered the beginning of a high blood pressure condition. The American Heart Association estimates that one in three citizens have high blood pressure right now. According to a a new survey by the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, 76 percent of Americans are not worried about developing this pervasive condition. You see the disconnect here, right? A lot of people should be worrying. The situation is really even worse. Many people don't even know their own blood pressure readings! According to the report, nearly one in four people do not even know their own BP readings and more than one in five older Americans don't either. Hypertension is a killer out stalking our friends, neighbors, and family. Maybe even you. How would you know? Since this disease is often called the "silent killer" because it has no symptoms, the only way to determine if you have it is by having a simple, short, and painless (if it hurts, they're doing it wrong) screening test by a medical professional. By medical professional, I mean a doctor, a capable nurse or a professional at your local clinic. Some fire stations will even do a screening test - you can call and find out. Don't think about using those low-rent machines in the supermarket or drug store. They're notoriously unreliable. You'll either have a false sense of wellness or be alarmed by an incorrect high reading. Only a doctor can interpret the test results and give you personal medical advice.