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Semantic web based on a network is not only able to understand the meaning of a word and concept, but also a logical relation between the two, the web can produce information so that an appropriate and desirable by the web site visitors. To support research activities on a college can be developed a repository collection of research, where a repository collection of research that is integrated with both could help researchers in search of a reference to do research.
This study took a case study on the whole study program to good masters degree , an undergraduate degree and at and research institutes in ibi darmajaya .Saatini , the management of a collection of research to a thesis and tasks of the end is in store in a database, for the thesis is still only on the registration of administrative and documentation in cd form of media, but not dimaksimalkannya data already there. Beside of, lecturer dan students also has not been facilitated by the media that can be used as a means to find and do the comparison to a collection of research that had ever done before or the search for a collection of recent research. See the characteristics of these problems, and repository collection of research can be developed using the structure and tissue ontology semantic of semantic web technology
Research results from this repository of a collection of research that is equipped with search application semantic web-based program to support the study, a lecturer, and students in accessing a collection of research, good research grants, the journal, the thesis , thesis as well as the duty of the end.

Keyword: websemantik , ontology , a repository , the search , a database

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