Edwin Bahari


The purpose of this study was to know the factor of value of market opportunities and RCA index in controlling the stability of sawit prices in the local market and internationally, knowing the mapping relationship sell price the export of palm production (CPO) of to output data of palm fruit crop productivity, formulate strategic planning of policy implementation new, and create of price stability against economic dynamics of palm industry. A method of this research using analysis kualititatif training namely analysis of the value to reach hope business opportunities industry palm. In addition to the qualitative method in this research uses quantitative methods namely as a method of econometrics basic stratejik program increased economic value in the provinsi Lampung of palm .Qualitative analysis results show that indonesia are at a position with the value of the top 64 % followed by malaysia with value is 22 % that this condition of indonesia controlling market growth data during the last three years.Compared with the value of total export value of exports of CPO and exporting countries divided by comparison of the export value of exports of CPO and the total value of the world acquired the value of RCA.While the analysis of comparative advantages to having ekonomitrika CPO Indonesia .The condition of CPO in Lampung contribute to the province of 7 % of CPO export .The increase in factory palm oil production recovery from an average of 20-21 % toward 23-2 %; up grading the quality of the value of land productive DOBI have the outer covering a wide.

Key word : RCA, Stratejik, economic value

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