Sistem Pendukung Keputusan Penerima Reward Tahunan Pada Sales Penjualan Menggunakan Metode Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution ( TOPSIS ) di CV. Anugerah Jaya Sentosa Lampung (Studi Kasus: CV. Anugerah Jaya Sentosa Lampung

Melda Agarina, Tria Devi Miranti, Sutedi Sutedi


Staf of sales are the main supporters of a company engaged in distribution. One way company leaders to motivate sales salespeople who have the high ability and morale to do their jobs in the form of annual bonuses to sales staff that are in accordance with the work performance produced. Bonuses can be a driver for companies to show better performance. CV Anugerah Jaya Sentosa Lampung still looks inaccurate because it was not used criteria that should be determinant of decision making. For this reason, researchers agree on a support system that is able to be able to solve the agreed problem. The design of this decision support system was made using the PHP and Java Netbeans programming languages, and the method used was the TOPSIS method. TOPSIS will help the calculation in decision making of alternatives based on distance to positive solutions and distance to negative solutions by taking relative proximity to ideal  solution. Using the TOPSIS method can provide companies in determining who are the recipients of annual prizes to sales staff.


Keywords: Decision Support System, TOPSIS, Rewards

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