Analisis Indikator Media Partner Sebagai Komunikasi Pemasaran Digital Telkomsel Regional Sumbagsel Berbasis Model DAGMAR

Muhammad Umarudinsyah Mokoagow, Anggalia Wibasuri


The process of increasing, informing, and expanding business today cannot be done independently by the company, meaning that companies need other parties to carry out marketing communications, especially digital marketing using technology that is developing today. Reporting in the media as marketing communication is traditional in nature, but over time, news platforms, namely mass media, have converged into digital media which builds modernization of reporting in terms of expanding and reaching news. This phenomenon was captured by Telkomsel Regional Sumbagsel in the need for promotion and expansion of digital service information owned by collaborating with online media as Telkomsel's media partner. As the biggest telecommunications brand in Indonesia, Telkomsel conducts media partner analysis by looking at it from two perspectives, namely leading media and personal branding to determine indicators of digital marketing communication needs such as community, content, culture, competence for the online media. Broadly speaking, Telkomsel focuses on the point of view of personal branding by looking at how the nature of a journalist in establishing a bond of professionalism with Telkomsel, considering how much online media is run, is not matched by the personal strength of the executor, namely the journalist, then the collaboration will be forged between the two parties will be hampered.

Keywords : Marketing communications; Digital; Media Partners;Telkomsel

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