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Brooke Tocco

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Hemp was commonly used and widely grown in the past. The first papers were made from hemp by China and ships were using its fibers to make canvas sails and ropes, but misconceptions about hemp and the generalization of cannabis led to legislative action that stopped its production. However, as people gain understanding about the differences there are between the different species of Cannabis and as research continues to uncover the many benefits of this plant, more and more countries are beginning to lift the ban on the growth of hemp. Industrial hemp may prove to be a solution to a lot of the sustainable development goals in the world. Hemp has a wide variety of uses from domestic to industrial that everyone can reap the benefits of but because it is being done by very few people, little has been done to make its use economical. As more countries begin to use it, technology and innovation will allow for new methods that are more energy efficient in terms of its processing. Caution should be taken, however, that the growth of hemp at a large scale level does not lead to deforestation.