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Have you been to an event just recently and been surprised that instead of a routine cake, you were treated to a sophisticated cupcake screen? Some think that cupcakes were developed by individuals baking cakes in little teacups, so that the little cakes would not take so long to bake and would cool much faster. Others think that cupcakes were named by the way the active ingredients were measured (1 cup of flour, 2 cups of sugar, etc.) Whatever the origin, the cupcake has actually come down through history as a delightful reward that everybody can delight in. You can have delicate white cake cupcakes, silky chocolate cupcakes, light lemony cupcakes, marble-cake cupcakes or numerous other combinations of flavors. Cupcakes are normally frosted as are most cakes, with vanilla, chocolate, orange-flavored, or any other flavor that compliments the small cake beneath.

Yummy Cupcakes