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First of all, what is a bridging loan? Will you need to use it? A bridging loan is a type of paydayloans no credit check facility that the bank extends to a private individual to help him or her transit from the previous house to the new house successfully.

How does it work?

You just sold your house and will be buying a new house soon. However, the proceeds from the sale of your previous house is not in yet and you need that proceed to pay for the downpayment of the new house. The bank then extends a bridging loan to you. It will be used to pay for the new house and when the funds come in, you will be able to pay off the bridging loan with it.

Does it come cheap?

Bridging loans definitely do not come cheap. They are expensive and short term in nature. They are normally priced much higher than a mainstream housing no credit check online stores. Like a home loan, a bridging loan has different pricing at different banks. Talk to your lender and advisor for more information.

Do I need it?

Normally I do not recommend bridging no fax payday loans online direct lenders to my client. First of all, they are expensive. Secondly, if you plan your housing transition carefully, this particular transaction can be avoided. However, a bridging loan can be a very useful tool to the right person in the right situation.

To determine if you really need a bridging loan, discuss with your mortgage lender or advisor on your current needs. Your advisor will be able to assist you on your decision and facilitate the application of your bridging loan.

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