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Healthy Boncare & Get limitless ajwa dates well being benefits The outcomes showed marked vascular congestion, interstitial hemorrhage, monocellular infiltrates mobile degeneration and necrosis with different degrees in different organs of lead acetate intoxicated group. The pathomorphological lesions reported in liver have been attributed to the motion of lead on hepatic glycogen, DNA content material and ability to incorporate amino acids into protein [21,24,32]. While, the pathological adjustments because of lead toxicity in kidneys had been attributed by some investigators to the buildup of lead-protein complicated, which causes discernible modifications in proximal tubular linings of cells [23,24]. The current examine showed that lead acetate exposure in ingesting water for 14 days resulted in extreme oxidative stress. There was elevated in serum lipid hydroperoxide and protein carbonyl content material in lead intoxicated group and reduce in whole antioxidants and antioxidant enzymes (SOD and GPX).

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