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When I woke up, I could hear the neighbor’s dog howling. It only cried when they went out and left him alone. I opened the window that overlooked their house and called out to the dog. He heard me and stopped howling. But after a few minutes, he began wailing again. I tried this couple of times and then gave up. I had to get ready and leave for work. It was a bright, sunny morning, and I could hear the birds chirping in the trees close to the house. I could not see any of them because they were too high up in the branches. I dressed, packed my bag, and went downstairs. When I walked into the living room, Dad was sitting in his comfortable chair, deep in thought. I asked him if anything was bothering him and he said that he wanted to use forex signals to help him in his trade, but he wasn't sure which company was reliable enough to help him. After his retirement, Dad had started an online business, which was sometimes quite profitable. However, at other times, it didn't do so well simply because he was not alert enough. I told him that I would ask people and also do a lot of research about it when I got home that evening and I would let him know. When I went to work, I asked my colleagues if they had any ideas. There was an elderly gentleman who told me to check out Pips Alert. So when I went home, I checked it out and called Dad to see what I had found. It seemed to be wise to join them as they also had a two-hour course to help traders with proper management. What Dad liked best of all was their back testing and analysis of signals. So he joined the community. Dad has been pleased with the outcome ever since.