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Understanding The Main Purposes of Using Junction Box

by Roseann Crouse (2020-01-20)

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If you have ever done any household electrical work, then you might be aware of the term "Junction Box" which has been thrown around a lot many times by the electrician as well. It is one of the integral parts of the electrical system, but you may not be aware completely of what exactly it is. What it looks like and what it is used for exactly. It performs several important functions. There is often an argument involved when it comes to safety around an electrical connection whether it is a human or an animal.

The most important function of it is enclosing the of the inside termination and shield it from dust and moisture. Other functions of the junction box are based on the application. One of the applications is to distribute energy from one location to another. The second application is about the collection of the control signals which are being obtained from various input and output devices like buttons and sensors. Later, they are brought to the control panel.

Main Characteristics of the Junction Box

Maintenance and safety from electrical components hold greater importance and Junction box plays this role efficiently in keeping and preserving various functional equipment and facility. A Junction Box can consist of an enclosure and some set of terminal blocks and wire connectors. A type of entry and exit points and the enclosure is typically made up of plastic or metal which depends on the environmental conditions and the place where that box is going to be mounted.

The level of dust, gas, and humidity must be checked in that area before mounting the box. A simple knock-out hole for entry and exit points is provided. A robust cable gland can be used as well. Some external environmental conditions can be prevented from getting inside the box and causing any sort of harm to the connections. To simplify the connectivity issue for a technician, the entry and exit points can take a form of mating side from a cable assembly towards the connector.

Solution for Fixing the Common Mistakes

You must check for any loose connection or a connecting wire which may cause a short circuit. The main use of junction box is to prevent heating and sparking of wires. It safeguards them against any accidental damage. The right-size of junction box must be used, if not, then wires inside the box might get stuffed together and the risk of overheating or short circuits will be more. This can lead to potential fire and that's why an appropriate size of the box must be used.

Try not to recess the box behind any inflammable surface like wood. No combustible object should be placed near the box. The chances of overheating to ignite spark and fire are higher and that's why box must be fitted with the incombustible wall surface.

To prevent overloading, use the same gauge wire throughout a circuit. And take care to use the right size wire for the number of amps in the circuit. Don't go on the look of a wire. Know the amp capacity for each gauge of wire. Contrary to what seems logical, the smaller the gauge number, the thicker the wire.

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