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What is a friend that you can talk to them about everything and be there for each other

by Gia Shackleton (2020-01-09)

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2 years agoYes, there can a friend that you can be there to talk to. That friend is called your best friend.

What can you talk about with your best friend when you have already talked about everything?
Ask each other questions and find out more about each other.

Your best friend has a aunt and when you want to go to the movies or hangout she is always busy with her they do everything together they are always texting each other and they even talk about boy?
you need to get a new friend.

How do you talk to friends who turned on each other?
# talk to one get there half # talk 2 the other and tell the other # and tell the one that will to talk to them How do I start. The way you talk to friends who turned on each other is the same way you talk to anyone else, except do not and I mean NOT mention your other friend. They will take it as a personal attack. It will go into you...

How do you fix a friendship if you made a friend real mad and hurt?
You tell her/him that you are really sorry for everything, and that you didn't want to hurt them, and that you love them! I dont know what your situation is, but have a talk with your friend and you can tell each other how you feel. If they are really a good friend, they will forgive you. But, dont expect everything to work out right away. They might want some time. And if they don't...

Does he still love his ex-girl friend?
O. K. well if you truly love him and you can talk to him just about everything. I would ask him if he has feelings for her. If not, then maybe have her over to your house with him to and see how they act around each other?

What do you talk about with your boyfriend if you already know lots about him?
Everything and anything. Just because you know a lot about your boyfriend doesn't mean you don't have anything to talk about. It's just like talking to a friend. If that were true then married couples would go mute around each other.

What do you do when your friend and the girl you love like each other?
talk to your friend and sort it out, maybe you can like set them up with another date and get the girl!

What does it mean when the guy you like calls you his best friend when you don't talk to each other?
It means he likes you.

What does it mean when a guy and a girl friend never hugged each other?
It means your relationship is going no where unless you talk to each other about it face to face and solve the issue.

How do you talk to boyfriends?
you talk to them like their your friend. Occassionally if theyre comfortable with it and u r too, u can call each other hun and stuff

Miranda Cosgrove like Selena Gomez as a friend?
Well they don't really know each other bcuz they are on diffrent shows but they did talk to each other online in hotmail!!!!!!!!!

What does grandfriends mean?
It's an old person that is your friend. They talk to you, you grow closer to each other, and your soul is connected

How do you hold hands with a girl that is your friend?
Put your hand to the girl's hand and talk to each other about interesting things.

What should you do if your friend and you like each other but know you should stay friends?
You guys should talk more.That is what i did.

What if your boyfriend and your friend have been friends longer then you've been dating and they have feelings for each other but never said anything because she's dating his best friend they flirt?
well i don't think you really can't do a lot in this situation, I would talk to your boyfriend and like listen to how he feels about your Friend and other pretty self explanitory subjects. you should also talk to your friend if they have feelings, they have feeling and if they really feel so strongly about each other maybe the best thing to do is to let him go, but that's my opinion. but...

What if one friend likes the other and you want to help get them together?
You can make them talk to each other. Two people talking can help them get together.

Should i be threatened that My bf and best friend are reallyy close like they text all the time and say i love you to each other and talk about sex?
I would be concerned about it. However, you are to young to stress about boyfriends. And if a friend would talk to your bf even if you have asked her not to, then she must not be that good of a friend. There are plenty of other guys out there.

Your friend talks to much with the guy you like and they both talk to each other and how can you know if he likes you because he stares at you?
by how he stares at you

Why computers nowadays are in demand?
computers nowadays are in demand because it can easily communicate with each other and you can easily talk to your friend.

Do spiders talk to each other?
i think they dont talk to each other but they communicate to each other

What is awebcam?
A webcam is a device that you attatch to the top of your computer and your friend attaches there webcam to there computer and you link and you can then see each others faces and talk to each other

Is having a boyfriend good for you?
its you opinion at the end of the day but my opinion is, yes sometimes parents dont help with your everything you can think of your boyfrend as a best friend aswell there someone to talk to if your upset and as a boyfriend they care and comfort you Ive been with my boyfriend for 3 months now and the longer your together the more you are used to each other and can talk to...

How do you stop hanging out with your best friend one day?
Simply text or call your best friend & explain that you don't want to hang out that day. If he or she won't accept or respect not wanting to talk or see each other every minute of everything, that person isn't a true friend. However, be mindful of previous plans & don't cancel at the last minute unless you need to.

How do we get over each other and still work together?
in order to get over each other maybe you should spend a little time away from each other like don't talk for a couple days. then talk after a while and just talk about what you have been working on or who you've been talking to. Just don't get all worked up with not being together and just be friendly everything would work out

How do you become an customer service agent of an airline?
If it everything to knwng while communication skills experienced n to talk each other

How do you say sorry to a firend?
By showing your friend that you care about,then find a good place for you and your friend to talk and M카지노 you guys sit down and tell each other how you feel.That a good way to tell you friend your are sorry

What should you talk about with your guy friend?
Well you can talk about all sorts of things. I usually talk about music, or we just spend our time trying to make each other laugh. WHATEVER YOU DO, do NOT talk about religion. I lost my best friend doing that. So, it's all about what you have in common. And inside jokes are great.

What should you do when your ex bf and your umm not so much of a friend friend like each other and you may still have feelings for him?
Talk to the girl, if she's really sort of a friend she'll understand and maybe back off. If not, talk to your ex, he may still have feelings for you too.

Does he like you as a friend?
well, if you basically talk in class or out of class he or she probably likes you as a friend. But if you joke around and play hit each other you are probably more than friends

What to do when your best friend moves?
Make new friends... only ease to this pain is to have loads of friends. And keep in touch with the other friend. E-Mail, write, and call each other a lot and talk about your day.

How do you get a friend in ACWW?
You need someone who has the game as well and then talk to copper. There will be an option saying something about a friend code. You use friend codes to connect to each other. When you want to add a friend go to your friend tab thingand click add friend.

Should friends have breaks like where they dont talk for a while and ignore each other?
I think if you and your friend are getting on each others nerves than taking a break from each other is probably wise but if you see your friend in the hallway or somewhere don't ignore them you can still say hi. Hope this helps

How do seahorses talk to each other?
The blow bubbles to talk to each other

How amphibians talk to each other?
animals can talk to each other it is possible

Do mice talk to each other?
Of course, mice can talk to each other.

How do you solve a fight with your best friend?
If you are really best friends, then you would talk to her about it and hopefully forgive each other and be friends again.

Does knukles like Amy as a friend?
well they dont talk to each other often but i think they are friends because they are in the same team

How do you help your friends make up over a silly disagreement?
Invite both of them to go to the mall with you, and talk to them about everything. Try to make them talk to each other, but don't make it obvious.

How do I get my friend not to be mad at me if my other friends keep telling her I keep talking about her?
Take some some to talk to your friend. Tell her that everything your other friends said is not true. Make her realize that you really want to be her friend again. Also ask her for a second chance, so you can prove to her that your an amazing friend. If your friend agrees to be your friend again, you should go up to your other friend's and tell them that nothing can come between (name...

What happens if you and your best friend isn't playing together?
1. One of you may have done something wrong, that hurt your friend's feelings. 2. You guy's don't trust each other. 3. One of you, wants to move on and find new friend's. 4. Maybe, your friend is busy. You should talk to you your friend and make sure everything is ok. Maybe, it was all a big miss understanding.

How do you let a girl know you want to go out with her?
You should do everything you can to make her notice you. Then, when you guys start to talk, and get to know each other, ask her out.

What are the common elements of good relationships?
Happiness great connection open to talk about everything and find many things likeable in each other

How do you stop your friend from moving?
To stop your best friend from moving if you really want it that bad confront that bitch and stop him/her if u don't usually talk to each other just deal with it.

How can a friendship become stronger if you are not honest with each other?
You should be honest to your friend. However , if you are not honest and then also you want your friendship to be stronger then you should talk to your friend daily as much as possible.

When on the phone with your boyfriend what do you talk about?
You should be able to talk about everything. A boyfriend should be your best friend as well as your boyfriend. So you should be able to talk about planes, cars, girls, boys, family, friends, and everything inbewteen.

What if im going to ask this boy out and your friend is going to ask him to what should you do?
you should talk to him about your friends feelings and maybe see who he to your friend and both tell each other how yuou feel and maybe come to som agreemen t !!!! x

Do fish talk to each other?
yes they talk to each other in their own fish language.

How do you get people to talk to each other when they are not talking to each other?
people talk inside their heads

What if a friend is taking all your other friends away from you?
you should talk to that friend and ask her why she is stealing your friends. talk to her.

How do you confront a friend about a fight you had and you are not speaking to each other and you want the fight to start again?
It appears your friend is far more mature than you are. It makes no sense to have a fight with a friend; not talk to each other and then want to get back with your friend just to continue the fight. Take the hint! Your friend may be laying low because they can make no sense of why you would want to continue fighting. It's a waste of time!

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