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Intended Market Entry To Singapore

by Nathan William (2019-02-21)

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Intended Market Entry To Singapore:

A few limitations were faced while preparing this report. It has a limited scope. It provides suggestions, not solutions. It uses a fragmented approach. The suggestions can be resistant to marketing managers. It was lengthy and time-consuming to research data and presents it in a succinct form. The report could have been made better by conducting an in-depth analysis for stating the competitive analysis.

A Report on Quantitative Techniques in Business:

Quantitative analysis is a basic part of each and every business or industry. In each business and industry, there is a huge amount of data produced and therefore management team of such businesses or industries needs to analyze these data sets for the planning and marketing. Quantitative analysis also called as statistical analysis and it is consist of descriptive statistical measures as well as some inferential measures. Statistical analysis plays an important role in the planning and other functions of managerial team of the business or company or industry. Here, we have to study of quantitative techniques in business for one particular case.

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