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Power Efficiency Guide Review

"maggiesmith" (2019-01-10)

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Were you to invest in a large system, it would Power Efficiency Guide Review/ mean that you would convert all your electricity or gas power to solar energy. Generally homes are powered by solar energy in the following ways: USING SOLAR HOT WATER TO HEAT YOUR HOME The traditional gas or electricity heated water baseboards can be heated by solar tubes instead. The hot water is then pumped up by means of a solar powered pump. HOME HEATING USING A SOLAR PUMP Use a solar powered heat pump to distribute warm air through your home, thus replacing the usual gas or oil. COOL, FRESH BREEZE In hot, humid areas of the world, solar powered fans can give welcome relief. They're, of course, not as cool as an air-conditioner, but they're also not as expensive to run and they they go a long way to providing comfortable conditions on a hot day. SUN ROOM Never mind the plants, build YOURSELF a greenhouse! Solar panels and 2 or 3 glass walls will negate he need for electrical heaters. Add a few decorative stone and plants and trap even more heat! ELECTRIFY YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE A more pricey option is to install solar panels. These are containers of photovoltaic cells, also known as PV cells or solar cells. They transform the radiation from the sun into an electrical current which can then be used to power up any electrical appliance or gadget you may have. PORTABLE SOLAR CHARGERS FOR CELLPHONE, LAPTOP AND TABLET

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