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"dillijack" (2019-01-08)

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The best alternative is to take a more natural approach to 

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enlargement - it works better than any other way and is a completely risk-free way to grow. Making a difference to the size of your manhood is all about making sure your body has everything that it needs - and the main thing it needs is biochemicals. Without biochemicals, you will stuggle to add even an inch to your size and even surgery can't help you there. To make sure your body has the correct level of biochemicals, the only thing you need to do is follow a good natural enhancement plan.Let's face it the penis enlargement market is full of exercise equipment - whether it be pumps, extenders or weights all of these products essentially do the same thing - they exercise your penis. But can you really add those extra inches onto your penis through using these methods? In this article I am going to expose the truth behind exercise and whether or not it can effectively add those inches you are longing for...
Unfortunately not - I'm sorry to burst the bubble but what exercise certainly is not is the answer to a bigger penis. Pumps, extenders and weights all try to force penile growth through tension and force. This is not the answer to size and in fact you won't add a single inch by resorting to these dire pieces of metal, glass and plastic. If you want to get bigger you need to work with your body or shell out a few grand for surgery. All exercise will do for you is pump blood into the penis which will temporarily make it swell providing the illusion of gains. This obviously is not a permanent answer to adding those inches of size.


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